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This site contains health related media content. Find books, movies etc.

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Another Good Example?

Politics play a major role and are mostly responsible for the dynamic changes and shifts in a country/state. There’s no doubt that it is because of political accretions and discretions that South Africa is today a democratic country where people live according to the constitutional values upheld by this democracy.

Politicians have the potential of having much power than usually anticipated. As political parties grow from strength to strength, so are their loyal members in the party. Those who possess power are heavily relied on to serve the public with utmost dedication, and selflessness for the duration that they’ll be in office. The danger with this kind of system, where there is very little monitoring of the people put in office is that we heavily rely on them to deliver services to the public.

For this reason, this article is focused on a leader whom I believe is doing a splendid job at the moment. He is very transparent and always alert on issues concerning the improvement of health. We need more leaders of this caliber.

In a South Africa we live in today were every little thing is driven by how much money one has, it is hard to come across a leader in a political organisation who puts focus on the needs of other people as if it were his own.

From his first appointment into the vacancy; he had a humble approach to the task assigned, he didn’t assume to know everything and he was always open to new suggestions. He held conferences almost everywhere around the country including faculties of health science in South African medical schools, arranging discussions aimed at improving the South African healthcare system.

He is not out to prove a point. He criticises no one, and is willing to work with people from various sectors. He cautiously tries to break new boundaries.

He is very determined to improve the healthcare system and also eager to see that every South African citizen receives quality healthcare service. The National Health Insurance Scheme is one of the ways he tries to go about it. He is a proudly South African champ with an ear that was meant to listen. He is the Minister of Health Dr Aaron Motsoaledi.

He also has great respect for healthcare workers; he was able to hear their requests, and held hands with them when they raised concerns about their low salaries.

South Africans need to acknowledge good leadership across all fields of service, especially in fields where services are aimed at improving the lives of those;

- Who still don’t know where their next meal is going to come from

- Who can’t find jobs because their qualifications are just not good enough to lend them a job without previous work experience

- Who are vulnerable to exploitation due to poverty or lack of education and

Above all, those who are ill and relying on the healthcare system to ease their fears and also make them feel better…

And the list goes on and on…

Acknowledgement of good leadership means we have to stop with non-constructive criticism and offer our support to every man/woman who brings fourth ideas that will better the lives of ordinary citizens.

Political parties are put to power by people to govern the country, and they are in turn governed by the country’s constitution. The constitution however does not tell people how to do their jobs. We need independent thinkers who don’t only respect and abide to the constitution, but who are also not afraid to give constructive criticism and bring change to the old non-beneficial stagnant way of doing things.

South Africa needs leaders who don’t compromise their morals because of how much money they earn or based on who pays their salary. In a democracy we live in, political parties have major influence on our country’s development, including our healthcare system, education system etc., hence hardworking politicians deserve our helping hand to better our country. Not all of them are out to enrich themselves at the expense of hardworking ordinary citizens.

Thumbs up to Minister of Health Dr Aaron Moatsoaledi and may he keep doing the best he can to improve the lives of ordinary South Africans as far as the healthcare system is concerned.