Popcorn’s Dark Secret

Popcorn’s Dark Secret

Wow, there are some scary numbers in this article from the NY Times.

Keep these in mind the next time you go to the movies and think you

feel hungry. Lots of calories, high in fat, high in sodium.

How good is it, anyway?


The Center for Science in the Public Interest has made suggestions

for changes in food labels. This is important information. The original

food labeling information was instituted nearly twenty years ago and there

is obviously a lot of new and updated nutrition information available.


Forget gum, how about driving a car?

An earlier post featured a study conducted by at a university in Washington State

that highlighted the dangers of walking and talking on the phone. The results

were startling with over 60% of walkers talking on the phone having their

attention seriously impaired. Now this article from the NY Times discusses

the escalation in emergency room visits by pedestrians injured while speaking

on the phone along with other evidence.


For coffee drinkers, some more information documenting the pros and cons of

coffee consumption. According to this article from the Wall Street Journal,

mostly pros with the exception of those with certain pre-existing conditions.


From the Wall Street Journal, an article about and some interesting work being done

to treat injuries that result in arthritis. Probably a ways off but it is good to see that

there are potential treatments/cures in the future.