New formula for body always slim

New formula for body always slim

There are many simple ways to loose weight, but that often the real problem is keeping the weight to keep it in saint conditions. The result of the world’s largest study has found a new formula to make the bodies are always slim. What is it ?

An international study carried out the world’s largest at more than 900 adults and 800 kids from eight European countries, finding the most effective new formula to be healthy to lose weight and make the body was always slim, that is by intake foods high in accelerator or low-index diet glycemic (GI).

With this formula means some people can take many lean meat (lean meat), beans, low fat farm products and some processed food starch, like bread or white rice.

Glycemic index (GI) is applicable to carbohydrates and is a measure of how swiftly carbohydrates are converted into glucose. The lower the GI, the slower the digestive process and the greater feeling of satiety obtained.

Low GI diet grants people to take your fill, regardless of calories and without increasing weight.

“These findings recommend about how the diet actually outdated. I was actually hostile to the GI, but I was very surprised because it turned out to GIs as important proteins in maintaining weight loss,”

Professor Arne Astrup is clear from the University of Copenhagen, who led the research,

According to Prof Astrup, high-protein diet has been known as a way to loose weight, because the accelerator delaying stomach emptying and improve insulin production.

And by adding carbohydrates with low glycemic index are digested slowly, so people will feel full for long periods of time.

“Motivation is a key element in maintaining weight loss and diet of high accelerator and low GI easier to loose weight and make the body stay slim”

Examples of low GI foods are as follow:

  1. Bread and cereal grain
  2. Almost all vegetables
  3. Fruits such as apples, pears and citrus low GI. But grapes, kiwi fruit and melon high GI because they contain many sugar.
  4. Low GI dark chocolate, because it slows the absorption of sugar.
  5. A hot baked potato is actually a high GI, but when cooled baked potato starch digested it will make longer, so a low GI.

And examples of regular menus in accordance with the low GI diet and high accelerator is as follow:

Breakfast menu
Low-fat milk, whole wheat bread with low fat cheese and citrus fruits.

Lunch Menu
Wheat bread with lean meat (lean meat) or chicken, tuna steak with tomato sauce and vegetables.

Dinner menu
Turkey stir fry, vegetables, pasta wheat, avocado salad with feta cheese (Greek cheese that is usually prefabricated from goat’s or sheep’s milk).

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