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Gaining Weight For Skinny Guys Health and Fitness Blog -

June 2, 2009Gaining Weight For Skinny Guys

It is very hard for skinny people to gain weight and muscle if they have been naturally thin their entire life. The challenge that skinny people face is the advice they receive from other people. Just eat more food is the classic line that all skinny people hear when they ask for advice and although true there are other factors that play into the equation as well.

The term hardgainer is used to describe skinny people who find it hard to gain any type of weight let alone muscle. It is too easy to just say your the way that you are because of your genetic makeup, when there are actually things that you can do to improve your situation. So how does a naturally skinny person gain muscle mass and weight?

There is a new training guide out that is named Hardgainer Project X which has shown to be a very useful guide for underweight people who want to reverse their condition. Diet is an important topic for anyone who aspires to gain weight but there is more. I will go over a few more in this article.

Exercise is an important factor that should play an important role in any hard gainers life but not all are good to do. Cardiovascular exercise should be avoided or done to the absolute minimum until at a later stage after they have build up their body a bit more. Lifting weights needs to be done three to four times per week if your a skinny guy. For thin and underweight people lifting weights is the best exercise to be doing on a regular basis.

Getting a good nights sleep is such an important factor but most people ignore its significance. Every night you must be getting at least eight hours of sleep to realize your weight gain goals. You will struggle to grow if you are not getting enough sleep especially when you are lifting weights. After all where do you think growth occurs. It doesnt happen in the gym it happens when your fast asleep in bed.

I will discuss the diet factor as it plays such an important role in the ability to gain weight. A higher consumption of calories is needed if your a skinny individual. A good rule is to consume between 3000 and 5000 calories per day. Calories are the foundation on which everything else is laid. You will need to be consuming high calorie foods every two hours or so because if you do not you will find it very hard getting adequate amounts of calories.

Hardgainer Project X by Jeff Anderson goes into these three factors in his program in detail and explains about many more factors that play an important role for skinny people to gain weight and muscle fast. The Hardgainer Project X program was part of a twelve week experiment that was run by Jeff Anderson using six skinny guys.

Jeff Anderson tested out all his knowledge in this experiment and wrote down all the results from start to finish. All six members of the experiment went through dramatic changes as they progressed through the twelve weeks. Hardgainer Project X was conceived from the results of the experiment.

As you think about the three principles this article has covered you need to apply them consistently. If you dont apply these principles consistently you are just sabotaging yourself. Please do your best to implement these suggestions made in this article and you may just find that you gain weight and muscle faster than you think.

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