Dear Jenn

Dear Jenn

I had to have a little talk with myself today. I’m going to get in my own way if I don’t relax!

Dear Jenn,

You need to stop obsessing over numbers so much. I know you tell yourself that weighing in every day keeps things in check. But in reality, it’s making you crazy. Weight fluctuates; there are so many reasons why the scale might go up or stay the same. You KNOW this, yet if you don’t see a number you like, you continue to drive yourself nuts trying to “fix” it. Give the scale to Justin tonight, and tell him not to take it out until Wednesday.

The same goes for tracking. It’s great that you’ve been so on top of tracking your food, but you need to relax a bit with the numbers! So what if you had 90 grams of carbs instead of 75? Don’t start denying yourself good food just to hit a certain number. If you want an apple with peanut butter for a snack, then have it – that’s a great, healthy meal. It’s a LOT better than the bowl of ice cream covered with Magic Shell that you used to have for a snack.

You are not going to wake up tomorrow and be 50 pounds lighter. I know you have a goal in your head, but this is a process that takes time. Give your body time to do it’s thing.

You are doing everything right. You’re eating well, you’re eating whole foods, you’re moving more than you ever have in your life. The weight loss will come.

healthy fit jenn