The Principles of Biodynamic Gardening

The Principles of Biodynamic Gardening

Biodynamic gardening came about from concerned farmers who were witnessing the loss of vitality on their farms with the soils, plants and animals. Clearly, something they were doing wasn’t working. When they adopted a new thinking that embraced the bigger picture, including the cosmos, and began to weave each dynamic life force to work together as a whole, everything changed and improved. Suddenly, all the plants, trees and animals were contributing to a compost that could then be used to nourish the soil. Now, the cosmos offered the lunar cycles as the growing and planting guide for seeds and seedlings, and gardens grew healthier and more abundant. Biodynamic gardening is, as Sherry Wildfeuer explains so perfectly, “a science of life-forces, a recognition of the basic principles at work in nature, and an approach to agriculture which takes these principles into account to bring about balance and healing.”

In essence, it is an infinite and intimate path of constant discovery and understanding about Nature and our Universe, and our place in it, so that we can thrive in a harmonious environment. There are indeed special methods and techniques, but these are certainly subject to adaptation based on new discoveries…which need to be shared. Biodynamic gardening is an approach that integrates the laws of Spirit with our knowledge and ability to keenly observe Nature. It is just so much more than putting some seeds in the ground.

Below are some of the principles that surround biodyanmic gardening.

  • An expansive understanding that plants are influenced by energies deep within the planet as well as from deep within the cosmos.
  • Plants are subject to cosmic rhythms of light from the moon, sun, stars and other planets.
  • We can garden with an advantage using these cosmic rhythms.
  • We can learn to understand the language of Nature with keen observation throughout seasons, different climates and weather conditions. With this knowledge, we can be more creative and find solutions.
  • Soil is a living thing with a life force, and the health of it determines the vitality of plants in the garden. We have to help the soil strengthen its life force by adding rich nutrients we can achieve from composting.
  • Composting involves animal and plant material recipes in certain seasons which serve to organize the chaos of elements in a pile of compost. The end result is an almost magical transformation of all these elements into a medicine for the Earth, and food for the soil.
  • When operating an agriculture farm, all the life forces contribute to the compost with manure, leaves, branches, food scraps and weeds as this is the way to recycle and preserve the contribution of the whole, just as Nature does.
  • The land is a teacher for us, as is all of Nature, and gives us the extraordinary opportunity to copy her magnificent self-sufficiency.

Biodynamic gardening is a gift for your soul. You will feel yourself connect to the lunar rhythms and the ground beneath your feet. You will expand, and feel more connected to this realm and even the realms beyond. Gardening in this way will give you a peace of feeling connected to the whole.