Non-organic food generally contains the following:

Non-organic food generally contains the following:

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Up to 72 herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides
Growth hormones
Genetically modified ingredients

By purchasing organic food, you limit your amount of toxin exposure and other elements that will bring harm and disease to your body, in the form of many illnesses that you may not ever associate with your diet.

Also, it is important to learn how to read food labels. You should avoid all foods that contain the following:

Corn syrup
Dyes of any kind
Enriched or bleached flour
High fructose corn syrup
Hydrogenated oils of any kind
Hydrolyzed vegetable protein & Autolyzed yeast extract (MSG in disguise)
Partially hydrogenated oils of any kind

It is also a good idea to avoid buying food that you see advertised often, such as on the TV, radio, and magazines. Often, the more money that is spent on advertising, the poorer the quality of the food.

In addition, never trust what the front of the food item packaging is telling you! It could say things like: healthy, natural, lean, farm fresh, etc., and be just as bad for you as fast food. Always turn it over and read the back.

And be very wary of food that says low fat, no fat, low calorie, or diet, since these often contain a slew of chemicals that will cause you to gain weight.

Food Tip: try to eat raw food throughout your day, such as an organic salad, fresh organic fruit, raw nuts and seeds, or raw organic veggies.

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