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There are as many ways to lose weight as there are overweight people. I’ve designed an approach that I think may work for me. I took concepts from three theories (avoid allergens, eat anti-inflammatory and alkaline foods) and combined them with what I know to be a balanced, nutritirious approach. Then I added things that would nurture my spirit as well. As I embark on my journey to physical weight loss, I intend to lose some of the emotional pounds that weigh on me and prevent me from being as happy as I can possibly be.

I use to get a better picture of the nutrients I’m taking in. The site has some glitches but it seems like they are trying to improve. It gives you the opportunity to identify a food from a vast list, see the nutrient analysis, add it to your “pantry” and also enter your own ingredients and create your own recipes. It’s about the most user-friendly on-line nutrition analysis I’ve found.

 Avoid foods that I have allergies to

Increase my intake of anti-inflammatory and alkaline foods

Drink 2 quarts of filtered water per day

Limit my wine/Margaritas to 2 on Friday and 2 on Saturday. If I can’t stay within these limits I must eliminate alcohol completely.

Keep my calories at around 1500/day

Try to get at least 25 gms of protein/day

Keep my fat intake under 30 gm/day and only the good fats

Get some type of physical activity in every day and gently increase it as tolerated.

Take EFA�s twice/day. I will get my vitamins and minerals through

Stick my list of food preferences to keep meal decisions simple

Weigh myself each day. This keeps me aware of the situation and any needed adjustments.

* Please keep in mind, these are my nutritional requirements based on my height, weight and activity levels. This is what I need to feel good and to lose weight. Everyone needs to determine what nutritional parameters suit them best.

Avoiding foods you’re allergic to

The reason for the need to do this is simply because when you create a situation in your body where histamine is being released, i.e., an allergic reaction, you are creating an inflammatory condition. Keeping it simple, you don’t want that. It sets the stage for illness but more important it causes you to retain fluid and prevents your hormones from doing what it is they need to do to keep all systems functioning well.

There are a few ways to determine what you are allergic to but I’ve yet to find an easy and accurate way. I have resorted to using my intuition and listening carefully to my body. I observe myself for bloating, cramps, change in bowel habits, headaches, rashes and a general how-do-I-feel approach.

You can have skin testing done and/or blood testing by an allergist. I’ve had that done in the past and it shed a lot of light as to why I was having problems with hives and asthma. I know to avoid things like yeast, mold (which explained why I’m allergic to penicillin), dust and dairy products. Eliminating certain foods for a couple of weeks then slowly reintroducing them is another way to identify what you may be allergic or sensitive to.

If you have symptoms that are typical of an autoimmune response such as sinus trouble, irritable bowel, headaches, depression, or arthritis to name just a few, consider reading up on food allergies and food sensitivities.

We now know that inflammation is the cause of many illnesses, especially cardiovascular disease and many cancers. When you are repeatedly putting substances into your system that are irritating, such as meat, alcohol, foods with artificial additives and preservatives you create an inflammatory condition and your body has to work at healing itself and finding it’s way back to homeostasis or balance. Some people tolerate inflammation better than others which explains the variation in incidence of illness.

Cutting to the chase, foods I make sure eat on a regular basis include pineapple, berries, seeds, nuts, organic fruits and vegetables, organic brown rice, and herb teas. These are the powerful anti-oxidants (foods that fight inflammation). They are much better for you than ibuprofen or aspirin although those drugs certainly have their place as anti-inflammatories.

If you’re interested in some good research on the relationship between inflammation and disease and a god case for eating vegetarian search some of Dr. Paul Ridker at Brigham & Women’s Hospital.

I take a 32 ounce “safe plastic” water bottle of filtered water with me to work everyday and drink a couple cups of herb tea in addition to that. When I’m at home I measure out 32 ounces of filtered water so I’m sure it gets emptied during the day.

The importance of adequate water intake can’t be overemphasized, especially when it comes to weight loss. As you reduce your caloric load your body is releasing toxins in the form of fat cells. If they aren’t washed through, they sit inside you and create a disease condition. Water helps flush toxins out through the kidneys and assists the bowels to keep their contents moving through. It also assists the nervous system in keeping the flow of energy balanced throughout the body which you will appreciate more if you use the Emotional Freedom Technique for manifesting wellness.

I drink filtered well water because I am pretty sure of it’s pureness. You can drive yourself crazy trying to find the best water to drink these days. Again, I go with my intuition and taste. I’ve been in restaurants where I can taste the chlorine in the water. I go with iced tea then in hopes that in the heating process the chlorine is neutralized.

This has been one of my biggest challenges in weight loss. I love my wine to help me relax in the evening. And what’s Mexican without a Margarita? I’ve had to turn to some intense self-talk with the help of EFT and using my power to manifest to change my thought patterns on this. I am working on substituting these toxic beverages for some healing activities. I am weaning myself off the wine because an abrupt cessation can cause withdrawal symptoms which can cause illness and interfere with my resolve to lose weight. I don’t know if I’ll ever want to completely stop wine and an occasional Margarita but I do know that by not controlling the amounts I drink, it is interfering with my ability to live up to my potential, to find the profound happiness I can experience and to be able to help others on their journey.

It’s important to know the amount of energy, or calories, you consume in the food you eat. I keep a pocket calorie book on hand to look up the things I don’t know by heart. After looking things up so many times you don’t need to look them up. Weight loss is a balancing act. If you aren’t losing you need to either decrease your caloric intake or increase your activity. I happen to think it wiser to increase your activity. If you decrease your caloric intake too much your body sees that as a starvation condition and actually refuses to let go of excess pounds thinking it needs to store them for this “starvation” emergency.

This is so individual I hesitate to comment too much on protein. I’m one of those people who need it and if I don’t take in a good lean source at least twice a day I feel it in the form of less energy and mood changes. I aim for around 25 gms because that is roughly 25% of my total caloric intake. Since I don’t eat meat I get it in the form of salmon, tuna, scallops, shrimp, hummus, bean soup, edamame in my salad and organic eggs, all the time watching the fat content of each because these foods do tend to be high in fat.

Many people can get by on less protein and be healthy on a vegan diet. I happen to feel that if you don’t get the right amount your body needs while losing weight,  your system has a harder time safely processing and releasing the toxins in the fat cells.

These are things like extra virgin olive oil, canola and sesame oil, flaxseed oil (which for some reason I don’t tolerate well), walnuts, almonds, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds to name a few. I gave up being a vegetarian because when I hit menopause, many of my symptoms were only eased by eating fresh salmon (never farm raised). I take essential fatty acid supplements twice a day but my system still cries out for the salmon once or twice a week.

For mayonnaise I use Grapeseed Oil Vegenaise and for butter I use Organic Earth Balance, non-GMO.

I keep my fat intake under 30 gms/day, which works for me. I can lose weight with this amount, as long as it’s the good fats and not from things like chips or pastries. I also feel better with this much fat in my diet. Any more and I feel weighted down and sluggish and get some annoying gall bladder aches in my right side.

Since I’ve gained so much weight I actually have to carefully plan a safe amount of activity for myself. Too much, which sad to say can be from just a day of too much cleaning, and I end up with leg, feet and back aches and a general feeling of “ugh”. So I am taking flights of steps at work. I work on the fourth floor so I take the 2 flights up to the second floor then take the elevator to the fourth floor. I do that a couple times a day. I try to always walk down the steps for that little increase in energy expenditure.

As I get to feeling better and my stamina increases I will go back to the treadmill every morning. Right now that’s a way’s off. I also don’t like fitness centers. I’m a germaphobe and an introvert. I do much better with my videos and home exercise equipment. My treadmill and Total Gym worked well for me in the past.

I’m not big on vitamins. I’m not convinced of their value. That’s just my personal opinion based on the reams of information I’ve read over the years. I have a problem with multi-vitamins because there are so few that offer the right combination of vitamins and minerals for me. For example, I don’t believe in taking vitamin A. It’s a fat soluble vitamin, which means excess is stored and overdose is possible. I don’t want anything with iron in it, which is easier to find. I’m allergic to iodine so I prefer to have little or none in a vitamin. I feel if you’re eating foods that are high in nutrients and organic you are satisfying your vitamin needs. There may be some disease conditions that may benefit by supplements but I prefer doing it through food that I eat.

The body is very complex. We know so little about how each individual processes their nutrients. I know I have a yeast overgrowth condition (candiadisis) going on in my body which can create a different kind of reaction to things that are being promoted as healthy such as vitamin C, garlic and flaxseed. These cause serious cramping for me. I have also experienced chest pains when I tried taking CoEnzyme Q 10 which is supposed to be a powerful antioxidant and good for the heart.

Bottom line is you have to know your own body. Try what you feel compelled to try and then owe it to yourself to pay close attention to it’s reaction. After having worked in medical research for many years I happen to know that every study has flaws and I no longer trust results of studies that show this works or that hurts. I trust only me.

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