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Do You Really Need to Do Colon Cleansing?

There is a lot controversy and debate about whether you really need to do a colon cleansing. Some say it is absolutely necessary and others say it’s a waste of money and can do your body harm. You can imagine who is says it does harm. Doctors say it’s a waste of time and practitioners that offer a colon cleansing service cleansing say it is not. So who will you believe?

If you read many books written by famous nutritionist and educated naturalist, you find that they recommend dealing your colon before you start any health improvement program. Yet doctors will not even inquire if you have normal bowel movements to see if maybe you have a toxic body, which may be causing disease.

Naturalist and nutritionist say, “disease begins in the colon.” Surely, there is a reason why so many of them have come to the same conclusion, despite that it goes against many present day doctors. Can colon-health, historical information be so wrong?

Studies and research show toxic matter and undigested food builds up along your colon walls, which prevents the colon from doing its job. The colon is designed to remove waste from your body in a timely manner – around 24 hours. If you have a bout with constipation, digested waste slows down in the colon, allowing this toxic waste to irritate and contaminate your colon walls. Just as when you experience an irritation in your throat, eyes, or bronchioles, you develop mucus; you also produce mucus in the colon, which protects you against the harshness of toxic matter.

The colon normally has a health film of mucus along your colon wall, protecting you from toxic matter found in the fecal matter. When you develop an excess of mucus along your colon walls, created by having toxic waste matter, then, this is a good time for a colon cleansing. If the excess mucus is not removed with a colon cleansing, this mucus will prevent the colon from reabsorbing many of the nutrient that it is responsible for absorbing. Toxins and bacteria will form in the excess mucus causing you inflammation and disease.

Colon cleansing with certain cleansers has become a necessary process once or twice a year. Eating the right kinds of foods helps you to keep your colon clean and free from excess mucus, for a long period. The colon is built to process a certain amount of food based on your body size and type. When you eat an excess of protein, processed foods, and dairy products you stress your colon and cause it to become toxic.

So, if you think colon cleansing is overrated, then just tell that to the many people who die or who are dying from colon cancer or from those other deadly colon diseases. Cleansing the colon does not have to difficult. Gentle and effective fruit and vegetable colon cleansing techniques can do an excellent job. You just need to find the right colon cleansing process as outline by a natural nutritionist.

Rudy Silva, Natural Nutritionist, has written a colon cleansing report using fruits and vegetables and their juices. To learn more about this effective cleansing technique go to: Colon Cleansing

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