Breathing Development: All the Help You Need

Breathing Development: All the Help You Need

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Breathing Development: All the Help You Need

Breathing development is your conscious, guided effort to transform incorrect breathing to good breathing and good breathing into great breathing. Of the many healthy lifestyle choices I have written about, Correct Breathing is my number one priority. Not without good reasons. Whether you want to strengthen your immune ssytem to keep illnesses at bay or whether you want to develop the natural healing power of your breath to treat a range of health conditions, in a most productive but holistic way, better breathing is a boon.

Have you read about Breathing Techniques and Diaphragmatic Breathing on this site? I have tried in those two articles, to provide you the best possible information about the benefits of better breathing and introduction to some of the common methods of breathing. While those are possibly enough to motivate you to look for practical ways of achieving benefits from healthy breathing, I realized you need a breathing coach to apply the knowledge into gainful practice. Before I refer you to a proven & established breathing coach, consider the following detailed account of better breathing benefits (adapted from Optimal Breathing and credited to Michael Grant White):Increases supply of oxygen to brain, heart, eyes, muscles and bones thereby giving you more energy and helping reduce mental & physical fatigue, heart attack potential, freshness and great sense of relaxation

Affords relief in repiratory difficulties such as asthama and bronchitis

Reduced dependence on stimulants and prescription drugs

Relief from muscular tension, reduced muscle spasm and tension and increases fleibility and strength of joints

Facilitates strengthening of the life force, emotional stability and mental clarity to feel more energetic, strengthen coping skills, increased positive energy, and strengthened sense of self.

While poor breathing causes such chroninc health conditions as asthma, allergies, anxiety, fatigue, depression, headaches, heart conditions, high blood pressure, sleep loss, obesity, harmful stress, poor mental clarity plus hundreds of other lesser known but equally harmful conditions, here is how better breathing can help amelioration and cure in such cases:It is scientifically proven that increased oxygen supply through better breathing ensures cancer cells won''t survive

Shortness of breath causes the heart going into spasm while higher oxygen supply keeps the heart healthy

There is a strong correlation between high blood pressure and poor breathing. Blood pressure egulation also happens through relaxation from proper breathing

Breathing drives the nervous system and hence sound breathing provides relief from emotional issues like anxiey and depression

Because oxygen helps burn fats and calories, effective breathing can help weight loss

Sound and relaed sleep is another major gain from healthy breathing practice

There is no denying that breathing is the main source of life and energy; so better breathing ensues you stay lively and energetic all the time

It may be no exaggeration when any one says that every health condition and human activity improves with better breathing practices.

Now, to suggest you a successful coach and proven methods of teaching breathing development, I used the length of practice, testimonials, resources made available and personal assessment and after some research, to provide best value for your investment, to recommend Optimum Breathing Self Help Products and Programs founded by Michael Grant White. Executive Director of The Optimal Breathing Association.

The Optimal Breathing School provides coaching on better breathing through self help videos, DVDs, CDs, Manuals and special aids & tools. Mike says: Many products and programs include email correspondence and phone backup. If they need more, they work with me personally or over Skype or come to our office and benefit from adjunctive modern oxygen and carbon dioxide technology in addition to in-person breathing development expertise.Optimal Breathing BeneiftsStress and tension, coping and relaxationSelf-improvement and personal growthAcute and chronic pain managementEmotional disturbances and behavioral problemsSubstance abuse and recoveryCreative and athletic performanceMeditation and martial artsGeneral health and well beingLife extension and longevityPsychic skills and intuitive developmentGroup dynamics and interpersonal relations; and Spiritual purification and enlightenmentPrograms comprised of instructional videos, audio exercises, books, manuals, nutritional supplements, superfoods and essential oils, internal cleansers, oxygen boosters, homeopathics, saunas, oxygen concentrators, certification programs for Optimal Breathing Development Specialists, in person and Skype private sessions, private voice clinics.

Check out the Most Popular Programs such as the Breathing Delopment Fundamentals for General Health and Well Being, Health Challenges, Emotional Issues, Performance and Life Skills and General Health.. Go to the The Optimal Breathing Store, get the Breathing Kit or the Diaphragm Strengthener, check out the large collection of articles at before you make a decision. You may also browse Customer and Client Testimonials"

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