Banishing fat with Zumba

Banishing fat with Zumba

Through the hands of Alberto Perez, zumba was born. The first in Colombia, and thenhover up to crawl other continents including to Indonesia. In Indonesiaitselfincreasingly popular zumba, buzzed around to get there. Zumba is easy because he is a community accepted types of sports that bring a new breath, which can have its benefits in the body he also bore a pleasant feeling. Because nearly all the movementin zumba, is a combination of beautiful dances from differentcontinents.

Inside there are zumba salsa, marengge, flamengo, hiphop, belly dance and otherdances that are strung together in a playful and fun gymnastics for approximately60minutes duration.

Like other gymnastics, zumba starts with warming up or warming, goes into the coremovement, then finishes with a cooling down or cooling. For an hour the coremovements, there are about a dozen songs that accompany. Salsa dance tunes fromstart up to a fast rhythmic hiphop songs.

Benefits of zumba is aerobics, as well as much he could help you meluruhkan pile offat, burn calories, cardio, exercise also trains lung power.

Movement 1: stand with feet of meeting. With the rhythm of the song, do the sambadance. The right foot stepping in front of the left foot and follow with a left handmovement in front of the chest and the left hand is waving towards the right. Do the hip movement in accordance with the rhythm of the song. Redirect step to match the rhythm of the beats

Movement 2: open legs wide shoulders and link both hands in front of chest. Then withthe rhythm of the song, move your hips to the right and move both hands inthe opposite direction. Do as many as two beats and change direction. (fig. 2)

Movement 3: open legs wide and straightens his back. Goyangkan hips towards the left, let the right foot tiptoe and hands pushing the body to the right side of the back.Do You like dance Central, the rhythm. (fig. 3)

Movement 4: open legs wide, link both hands above your head. With the rhythm ofgoyangkan, pinggung to the right, follow by pushing both hands in the oppositedirection.Repeat the movement by reversing the direction of motion. (fig. 4)

Movement 5: open legs wide, bend both knees and lower your body. Goyangkan Yourhips to the right, follow with Your right hand to push in the same direction. Let yourbody follow the movements of Your hips twisting (fig. 5).