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Algarve Health and Sport

The mind is the center of consciousness and generates feelings, thoughts and perceptions and by creating a negative mental image or by suppressing feelings our acuity of true well being diminish and consequently effect the body''s fight or flight response. The fact is so that we feel how we think we feel.

Our mind is such a powerful tool and our body responds only to the way we think, feel and act.

When you are feeling stressed, anxious or upset your body''s immune system will weakens and making you more prone to get colds and other infections. Many people who is aware of the mind/body connection practice meditation and meditation with controlled long breaths.

The act of breathing is the body''s must vital and basic function. Breath work is about reconnecting, embracing and integrating all aspect of ourselves and can be very powerful and useful technique for healing the body, mind and spirit. While meditating imagine yourself in a peaceful, happy place; visual imagery takes you away from reality and helps profoundly on reducing stress.

Relaxing strengthens your immune system but even better try to sleep. Sleeping is one nutrient for which there is no replacement for nor is there a supplement that will make up for a lack of it. The immune system functions best when the parasympathetic nervous system is dominant and this happens when you are relaxed, resting, meditating and especially when sleeping.

In order to improve your overall health it is equal important to find the root cause of why you are feeling as you do. This is not an easy task but you will need to recognize your emotions and understand why you are having them. Sorting out the causes of sadness, stress and anxiety in your life can help you manage your health and overall well being.