Work Place Stress Is It Killing You

Work Place Stress Is It Killing You

Work Place Stress Is It Killing You, Does even the thought of going to work stress you out, we’re not talking about your daily tasks or projects you’re working on, we’re talking about your work environment. A lot of workplaces now try to create an ambience of calm, as this is thought of as being the best environment to get the most out of its employees.

A lot of people I spoke to about stress in the workplace tend to complain about the standards of their surroundings that they have to work in. Things that are mentioned are Poor lights, people say they tend to be too bright and then to dark, or the noise in the background in an office is too distracting to be able to fully concentrate on the work that you trying to do.

One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard so far is that the office is either so hot it is nearly unbearable and this can have a massive effect on you being able to concentrate on your work in the first place, or on the other end of the scale office is absolutely freezing cold, if workplaces would take more time to test the temperature in work areas then employees would produce better results and be a much happier employee. Look for more tips on stress relief on our site.

How To Create A Stress-Free Work Environment

Add personal touches.

If your workspace stresses you out, it might help to add personal items to your desk, cubicle or office that have some special meaning to you, Burton Ways says. colourThese could be photographs, inspiring artwork, books, a special lamp or a decorative accessory in your favourite colour.

Keep your workspace clean and organised.

A supervisor of mine from several years ago recently sent me a photo of me in my cubicle,” Foss says. “I was horrified by how messy and disorganized it looked. And I recall vividly how challenged I was by the mess. Mess equals stress.”

Learn to handle or ignore interruptions.

Maybe you have a colleague who constantly stops by your desk to chat. Or you sit near the noisy elevator. Or your office has large windows. If you make an effort to learn how to properly handle these interruptions or ignore distractions in the workplace, you could significantly decrease your level of stress.

Add plants to your desk, office or cubicle.

Integrating plants in the work environment not only beautifies the environment but has been proven to reduce absenteeism, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase positive feelings, lower noise levels, decrease room temperature and lower humidity.

Be a good communicator.

Poor communication often causes confusion (and therefore, stress) in the office. If those around you aren’t communicating well, ask questions.

Incorporate relaxation exercises into your work day.

If you’re allowed and it doesn’t distract anyone around you, play soft music, stretch occasionally or go for a walk. You won’t be able to get rid of everything that contributes to your stress in the workplace—but you can implement relaxation exercises when you’re feeling tense. To read more go here.

Work Place Stress Is It Killing You: Our Thoughts?

Work Place Stress Is It Killing You, but one of the biggest problems I found in most workplaces is it’s not just the workplace it’s the people around you that can cause the most amount of stress. What do I mean about this, or think about that for a moment, there are people in your workplace that you may not get on with, they can cause stress, there are people who were negative all the time, in my mind they are the biggest cause of stress out of everything in the workplace because someone who is negative all the time tend to drain your energy levels can sometimes make you feel sick.

It’s a well-known fact your workplace is never going to be perfect, but in my mind what I’ve seen in workplaces and offices, it’s the people who were negative all the time seemed to cause the most stress out of everything. If you work with somebody like this just listen to them in a meeting when someone is trying to be positive they find a negative to counteract the positive effect, if someone says that feeling great they have some comment to try and bring them down.

I used to work in an environment like this and it used to drive me absolutely crazy when you’re trying to boost morale all of a sudden you knew that one person was good to have some negative comment and trying get everybody to do the same. You will never ever change people like this. But one lesson I learned from somebody a number of years ago was just smile at the person who was trying to be negative all the time I would literally smile from ear to ear any time they said anything negative, and after a short period of time the person that was being negative would suddenly stop because they realised it wasn’t having any effect.

In fact in many cases the negative person would then turn out to be more positive because they knew being negative was just wasted time and energy. So the next time someone you know that were next to you try to be negative just keep coming back with a smile and a positive comment and you will find your energy levels are always better than the negative person will just stop its as simple as that. There is one thing for sure we spend more time at work than we do at home so make sure it doesn’t have a negative effect on your health.

On your work surrounding side of things, try some of the above suggestions in your immediate workspace and you may also find this has a positive vibe as well. Work Place Stress Is It Killing You. We hope not.

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