Welcome to this Healthy Hair Blog

Welcome to this Healthy Hair Blog

Hello Reader and welcome to this blog. I have decided to do this blog because there is so much information and misinformation out there on healthy hair that I’ve concluded I need to tell my side of the story. I have been researching hair for 10 years now. I know what makes hair grow and to a large degree what can make it fall out. When you subscribe to this blog I will keep you informed on what is good for you and what is suspect.

We talk a great deal about hair nutrition and hair wellness. Too much emphasis is placed on products dealing with the outside of the hair. Our research shows us that a lot of the problems with the hair originates from improper nourishment to the hair. We focus on the Nzuri Elixir hair vitamin because it has been proven to be highly effective in promoting healthy hair growth from within.

The reason I know Nzuri Elixer works like a charm is because I am a user of the product. I look 10 years younger (maybe 15) than I am. My hands look very youthful and my hair grows long, strong and shinny. I really feel like I’ve found the fountain of youth!

We will also review other products that we think are instrumental in helping to achieve healthy hair growth. Feel free to suggest any products you would like us to review for you. We will do our best.

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