Week In Review-Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

Week In Review-Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

It has been a pretty productive week in these parts. As I’ve mentioned before, I have been working some extra hours at work leading into the holidays, so I have been busy with work, errands/chores and of course, Tina’s bootcamp!

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The first week of bootcamp went really well. The exercises were challenging for me, but I used the modifications when needed. I felt sore for a good chunk of the week, but am starting to feel like myself again. I love these workouts! They are just the right amount of time, and it’s nice to reacquaint my body with some strength training. Plus, I’m still getting in my cardio with the interval programs and I did Zumba yesterday, which felt great. I posted this pic of my calorie burn on instagram after my workout.

burn Week In Review Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

On Thursday I really debated to work out in the morning or the afternoon, and although I wanted to put it off untill the afternoon I made myself get up and do it, which turned out to be a good thing. I had my allergy shots and after that, I ate some delicious ahi tuna sashimi. About 45 mins after I ate I had an extreme allergic reaction. I had to go back to my allergy clinic (just a few floors up from where I work) and take a bunch of benedryl and steroids. I was drugged for the rest of the afternoon and had I not worked out in the morning, I definitely would have missed my workout! By Friday I was feeling fine, but I’ve had to continue to take the prednizone through today. My allergist doesn’t know if the reaction was to the shot or the sashimi, since I have never had a reaction to either one, but next month instead of getting my shot I’ll get tested to see if I’m allergic to the fish and if not, I guess we can chalk it up to the shots. I suspect it was the fish though, since I have been on a maintenance dose of shots for a few months now and also because if you have a reaction to allergy shots, it usually happens within 30 minutes of getting the actual shots.

sashimi1 Week In Review Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

This is the sashimi in question. The color looks off because of the flourescent lighting in my office, but it was so fresh and yummy.

My personal goals for bootcamp this week were to do a plank everyday and to take my vitamins everyday. I did pretty good at both of these goals. I got my vitamins in everyday this week and I got my planks in five days this week.

Also yesterday, I did some meal prep for the week. I made cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash and meat sauce, roasted some sweet potato chips and made a turkey/sweet tater/apple hash for breakfasts. I have been trying to do this on Sundays, but decided Saturday would have to work this week, just in case I wanted to be lazy after working today.

TJsLoot Week In Review Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

Don’t you love new grocery loot?! This is everything this week from TJ’s that didn’t go in the fridge. I’m excited to make more acorn squash and I’ll probably be making albondigas (without rice) sometime this week. I love soup, and it’s perfect this time of year.

Here is my action plan for the upcoming week:

Action Plan 10/29-11/4

complete my bootcamp personal goals 7 days this week
goal 1) take multi-vitamins
goal 2) journal

Go to yoga class on Saturday morning

Drink 4 waterbottles a day. That’s 132 oz. I’m feeling a little puffy today-I’m guessing from the prednizone?

Enjoy some form of exercise outside this week. A walk or bike ride, perhaps?

Have an amazing week!!

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