Provillus – new improved sprayers – Minoxidil Solution, shrunken hair follicles Treatment

Provillus – new improved sprayers – Minoxidil Solution, shrunken hair follicles Treatment


The Provillus is a new product that has been designed as a shrunken hair follicles treatment. It is a brand that is gradually becoming popular over the market. It has been introduced to solve one of the major problem that affects the outer appearance of a person, the hair loss. The loss of hair has affected both women and men and the Provillus is a product that has been introduced to solve this.

This is a product that has been produced with about 5% of the Minoxidil Solultion, a common vasodilator that is used to stimulate the growth of the scalp hair. The major thing that works with the Provillus product is that it will dilate the tiny blood vessels that are around the hair follicles. This process will help to trigger the growth of the hair, whereby, the hair will grow faster, in a natural manner. The Minoxidil Solution is FDA approved and it is proven to help in stimulating the hair growth of the user. The formula that it contains is the major aspect that contributes to its mechanism.

The Provillus has been formulated into 2 forms, the capsules and the spray. The spray is used for the direct treatment, whereby, you will apply directly to the area you need to boost the hair growth. They will both support the natural growth of hair, as well as a speedy regrowth.

I personally started using this product, thanks to my supervisor at work, who was bald. The supervisor, 40, has been bald on the top of the head for nearly 12 years. For him, he was using the spray form, which was super effective and direct. It took him a while, but what encouraged him to use the product was the hair strands that he noticed growing, which started showing in about two weeks. By about 15 to 16 weeks, the hair on the bald area was naturally grown. I had to try it out.


My Experience

Trusting what a person tells you about a product is very difficult, but seeing how it works, that is another thing. I personally experienced how 1Provillus worked on my supervisor’s head and I just had to try it out. In my case, I had stunted hair growth on my head, on the sides of my head and at the top of my head. I also used the spray and I was impressed by how it worked. I had learnt earlier that with the capsules, they might take longer to show results. However, they would still show the results in the long run.


In my case completely bald, but anyone would realize my uneven hair growth, especially at the sides of my head. The tip was also recognized, but not as much, though the Provillus completely helped me to get my hair back. Within 2 to 3 weeks, I notice a slight difference and with the constant use of the product, I ended up having my hair regrow within 2 to 3 months. I would give the product a rating of about 8.5, on a scale of 10.



There a number of benefits of using this product and they include the following;
• It will enhance the scalp circulation, which is due to the formula of the Minoxidil solution.
• Limits the hair loss and enhances the growth. It is made up with 5% of Minoxidil Solution, a common ingredient that has been approved by the FDA to help in the growth of the hair.
• It is a unisex product. This product can be used by both men and women.
• It is also easy to use, since you will either spray it, or follow a subscription, if you are using the capsules.
• It can also be used along with hair products of different companies.
• Effective. The product is also quite effective and it works naturally to bring back your hair, without changing the color.


With the multiple benefits of the Provillus, it does have some few drawbacks, though they are very limited. They include the following;
• Can take long to give results. This is linked with how one uses the product. For instance, if you are using the capsules, you will need to be overly careful with how you take them. If you take an overdose, more than what has been prescribed, it will not work.
• Depending on the skin, it can cause some irritation, but mostly if you have some injuries. Therefore, you will need to be careful, to check with your doctor, before you start to use the product.
There are no many side effects, but it would be wise for you to contact your doctor before you can start using the Provillus. This will help you be safe when using it, since you might be allergic to some ingredients.
The 1Provillus, being one of new improved sprayers for hair regrowth is quite effective, but a good advice is that you ensure you are following the instructions clearly. I give it a 8.5, because, on the positive side, it is one of the best hair solution products I have ever used. Regardless of your hair type, it will help you have your natural hair back. I was amazed at how it worked on my wife’s hair, which she used on the sides of her head. I believe it can work anywhere you need to have your hair growing back all natural. The best of all is that it is a permanent solution for your hair.

The negative side is that it can take quite long before you see any results, so you might want to be very patient with this product. With the side effects, my neighbor was agitated to use the product, though he had some skin condition, so things got serious and he had to stop using it.


The Provillus is the real deal, if you want to get your hair back, in the most natural and comfortable way, but always check with your doctor before using it. Another alternative is the Rogaine, which can help you get your hair growing within two days. Nevertheless, your old hair might shed, to give way for the new hair, you might not like this experience. Also, the Rogaine product is only restricted to men, it cannot be used by women. With the Provillus, there is no any hair shading and it is unisex.

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