Protein Shakes to Boost Metabolism  Fast Weight Loss

Protein Shakes to Boost Metabolism Fast Weight Loss

Protein Shakes to Boost Metabolism Looking to boost your metabolism? Even if you are living in cave, you would have heard of a high protein diet. Surround yourself with health enthusiasts and observe them consuming high protein meals.

How does protein help in your quest to lose weight and regain health?

Your muscles will need an adequate amount of protein to grow. The primary goal of any workout is to increase lean muscle mass. The more lean muscles, the higher the metabolism. We start to feel more energized as we continue to workout. A higher metabolic rate means the body is better at converting food and oxygen into energy. Listlessness is gone forever from your daily activities.

Muscles don’t grow during a workout. We are actually sending “instructions” to our muscles that we will be placing stress and demand on them. Due to the workouts, our muscles start to grow. But bear in mind that the muscles grow only after a workout is complete.

Ever experienced soreness the next day after your workout? That is a sure sign that your muscles are responding. Now in order to continue with an intense workout, you need to be able to grow and repair quickly. Don’t force a workout if your muscles are still hurting. If you really wish to workout, try to exercise another part of the body. Sore muscles undergoing extreme stress will be easily injured.

The faster you recover, the better you are able to cope with your exercise program. The fitter you become, the faster you recover. That is a fact.

On a daily basis, not everyone consumes the amount of protein that their body needs. Everyday, we take in proteins from our daily meals. In general, most people you come across don’t track the amount of protein that they take in. As a general rule of thumb, you should consume one gram of protein for every pound that you weight. For instance, if you weight 120 pounds, then you should eat 120g of proteins daily.

Professionals always take smaller meals each day to condition their body. This is another way of improving your metabolic rate. A body that is used to starvation will start to store fat. The reason is simple - the body stores fat as an alternative energy source as it doesn’t know when it’s getting it’s next meal!

You don’t grow fatter eating more meals. You grow slimmer because your metabolism increases! That means you will be eating a small meal every 3 hours or so. Divide the protein you need by the number of meals you will take each day and you will get an idea of how much you should eat.

In the midst of your daily activities, you can always sneak in one or two shakes to supplement your protein needs. This will ensure your protein intake never fall below what you really need. Don’t skip a meal just because you don’t have the time. Find the time.

Protein shakes are one of the easiest supplement to prepare. Just mix the powder with water or milk and you are good to go. It’s easy to get addicted to the taste that you love!

Learn more about protein shakes and how a protein shake a day can benefit your health.

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