HappyHealthyBusiness.com: Background On This Site - And Why I Do It

HappyHealthyBusiness.com: Background On This Site - And Why I Do It

Business & Marketing Support for Solo Spiritualpreneurs

Background On This Site - And Why I Do It

It all started here...When I quit my day job to become a healer I loved my new line of work. The only problem was: I didn''t know how to get clients!I felt frustrated and worried. I was scared.I wanted to stay on my path but I needed to pay my bills, too. I had faith but no cash. I was willing to do the spiritual work to open myself up to prosperity but it wasn''t happening fast enough.I went bankrupt.Then I got angry.I was doing what I felt called to do - why was it so hard to do it?Now I KnowIt took me years to understand the simple concept I was missing:When I quit my day job I become an entrepreneur.That''s right: a person who runs a business!When I left my lucrative internet career I wanted to make a difference in the world in a more meaningful way. I was tired of business and the money-centered world it lived in.I wanted something different.I swore up and down that I wasn''t running a business; I was doing spiritual work. I was fulfilling my purpose. I was helping the world to be a better place - anything but running a business.I threw the baby out with the bathwater. I tried to have a thriving business without doing any business. It sent me straight into bankruptcy court.What Happened NextThen two things happened: I married an entrepreneur who understood business and I got pregnant. And not in that order!Being pregnant forced me to face the music. It wasn''t just about me and my creditors anymore. Now I had a baby who needed me.Desperate for change but still unable to make it happen my husband used his business skills to launch my lucrative career as a psychic.I fought him every step of the way.Now, years later, I respect and love what he has taught me. I adore how empowered I feel in those areas of my practice where I used to cringe and hide.And I love that I know how generate clients, business and income whenever I want to.I have since mostly-retired to be a stay-at-home mom to two fantastic daughters. But while I am here, sitting on this pot of beautiful gold, I thought I''d share it with you.You CAN have it all.You can have your dream profession in the healing arts.

You can have your own start-up one-man business.

You can feel good about every aspect of your professional life.AND you can have money to pay the bills, feed your body and send you on the vacation of your dreams.I will show you how.Warmly,Alora CheekP.S. This website was created in August 2008. I have a lot of articles and information I am adding to it. To stay as current as possible you have three options:Bookmark this site.

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