Employer Health Promotion Program During Cold Season

Employer Health Promotion Program During Cold Season

Maintaining Employer Health Promotion Program during Cold Season can be a challenge for any company. The average adult can get up to four colds in one year, and hundreds of thousands are hospitalized every year for flu complications.

From December to March, there are more workers out of the office due to illness, and others who barely made it to the office and can hardly think over their constant coughing and sneezing.

Corporate Wellness Program: Prevention is the Key

Prevention is the key to maintaining good health in the workplace and increasing overall Corporate Wellness Program. Fighting infection after the cold and flu epidemics hit is a losing battle and can best be combated with early action, such as implementing a Employer Health Promotion Program Program at the worksite for good health all year long.

Keeping the Office Germ-free During Cold Season

The typical office is the perfect breeding grounds for influenza or the cold virus. The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases says that there are higher chances for the spread of infection during winter because people spend more time indoors.

In an office, this risk is increased by cubicles, bringing many people into a close space. Workplace Health Testings conducted regularly as part of an overall health management program will increase the chances of Employer Health Promotion Program year round, and especially during Cold Season.

Education Can Increase Employer Health Promotion Program During Cold Season

Educating workers about various ways to stay healthy during Cold Season may help prevent the spread of any sickness to the entire office. Hand washing is a crucial component in maximizing Corporate Wellness Program, as bacteria collects on keyboards, mouses, around the water cooler and next to the community coffee pot.

As workers shake hands, infection may be passed, multiplying the chance of getting a cold or coming down with the flu. Hand washing and anti-bacterial cleaners for surfaces can help reduce the spread of sickness.

Employer Health Promotion Program is possible during Cold Season. With Corporate Wellness Program, your office can reach one step closer to immunity from sickness during Cold Season.