2010  June  11

2010 June 11

A guest post by Kim Hutson

The skin is our largest organ and also our most exposed organ too, unfortunately it also has to take more abuse than so many of our other organs; drinking may harm our liver, smoking harms our lungs and excessive eating damages out heart but our skin is exposed to constant dangers all day every day, from simple bumps and scrapes, getting too close to the oven or even intentional damage like tattoos and sun tans. Luckily most these ‘accidents’ won’t cause permanent and irreparable damage and the skin is pretty good at healing itself.

Unfortunately, one of the most common damages we do to our skin can be permanent and potentially deadly, and it’s something that so many of us do intentionally. A golden sun kissed glow is seen as desirable, fashionable and even healthy and whether we go out of our way to get one most of us will tan over the summer months. So if you do want a golden glow you need to do it as safely as possible. There are a whole host of skin care products available on the market today and some mean you don’t even have to expose yourself to the sun to get a tan. A suitable fake tan will give you the golden glow you’re after without the risks of exposing yourself to harmful UV rays. When you tan you are damaging the skin, the darker pigmentation is a result of the melanin which your body produces to try and protect your skin rushing to the surface, this melanin is dark and as it speeds towards the surface of the skin it creates that darker tan. If you’re adamant you want to tan always use sun screen, you will still tan but you’ll tan slower and give your body more of a chance to defend itself from harmful UV rays.

Exposing yourself to excessive UV rays you’ll be drying not just your skin but your whole body so always drink lots of water, drinking around two litres a day is essential for healthy looking skin and even more important if you’re going to be dehydrating your body. If you do want your tan to last as long as possible swap your exfoliator for a moisturiser to keep your skin hydrated and fresh. Exfoliators are great at helping remove dead skin cells but if you want your pigmentation to last as long as possible your want to moisturise instead.

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