Stephanie Stephens  Multimedia

Stephanie Stephens Multimedia

Voiceover artists finding new applications for their creativity, thanks to the Internet. Podcasts don’t have to be expensive nor complicated to be entertaining and engaging. They’ve far outpaced radio as a medium that’s non-confrontational, informative, casual and often downright fun. According to Podcasting News, “Podcasting has evolved from an odd, funky blogging experiment into a broad medium with mainstream trappings.” eMarketer pegged the 2008 podcast audience at 9% of Internet users and predicts the audience to nearly double to 17% by the year 2013.

Stephanie brings writing, voice and production skills to her podcasts, which—did we mention—are very affordable. Let her surprise you.

Video works when it creates a sense of approachability. Users consider video the most credible, most engaging form of online content, giving it what’s termed a high “pass-around” value. In the past month, 25% of Americans said they watched a short video…on their phone. Every minute, YouTube users upload another 20 hours of video and every day the site streams 100 million videos. Videos are 53 times more likely to generate a first-page ranking than traditional SEO techniques, Inc. magazine recently reported.

Publishing managers can’t escape the encroachment of video. Want to produce a snappy, entertaining view? Do so with great voice, graphics and photos—you may not require extensive shooting and editing. Ask Stephanie about her successful yet affordable formula. BETTER YET, WATCH THIS:

Perks at Work Review from Stephanie Stephens on Vimeo.

Stephanie Stephens, M.A., multimedia maven