Instructors Spotlight – Amadou Barrow

Instructors Spotlight – Amadou Barrow

Senior Undergraduate University student Amadou Barrow has been called “The leader of Team of Winners.” He is a talented Information Communication Technology instructor. He is extremely smart and very personable. He’s a Presidential Scholarship fellow, and he recently volunteered to be a Teaching Assistant for Solomon PS Jatta and Prof Thomas Samuel in School of Public Health – Gambia College. He recently submitted his first research proposal for the Honors program of the Department of Public & Environmental Health, School of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences, University of The Gambia. After Graduation, he plans to return to Ministry of Health & Social Welfare of the Government of The Gambia to work and gain experience in the field of Public & Environmental Health. Then he wants to use his knowledge to improve Public & Environmental programs in the Gambia and throughout other parts of the world. Eventually he would like to earn a Masters Degree in Epidemiology and Health informatics

Expected graduation: 2014

Degree Objective: Bachelor of Science in Public & Environmental Health with minor in Computer Sciences

My favorite professor is:

Yves Lamour. Dr. Lamour taught me that waste management cannot solely be taught by reading textbooks and learning facts, but has to include going into community and observing it, from the municipal to household levels. He has inspired me to take chances and follow my instincts and to pursue my goal of working in the academic world.

The one SPH experience I will always remember will be:

When I became a member & a leader of “Team of Winners” who tirelessly worked for the launching of the school website for the first time in history. The excitement and energy during the entire process was incredible, and it was great to be part of such a great team. I’ve always loved teamwork and that was definitely the most spectacular achievement for the faculty. I’ve never been so proud to be a leader of Team of Winners!

As a senior university student what are some of the hurdles you’ve had to overcome?

I know it’s very cliché, but it does take some extra time and effort to process all the information that you’re taking in. Some assignments require me reading them twice to fully solidify them in my mind. But there are good parts about being a teaching assistant as well. I am more determined to succeed than I was when I was much younger. I have less extracurricular activities going on to distract me.

Has being back in school been rewarding?

Absolutely, this is as much fun as I’ve ever had working on a goal. I love my peers and I love my professors. Being around Academia is ever challenging. There is a great energy that I think must be unique to this environment.

What have been some of your best experiences?

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been selected for assistantships starting from my second year in the University. I’ve had the pleasure of being a Teaching Assistant for both Mr. Solomon PS Jatta and Prof Thomas Samuel. Both are excellent lecturers and watching them perform in the classroom has taught me a lot. Also both have allowed me to write and give lectures for the HND students. This opened me up to something I hadn’t considered before. I found that I really enjoy teaching!

Do you have any advice for anyone going back to school in a non-traditional sense?

Yes! Don’t be afraid to jump in and do it. If you can manage your time properly and stay focused you can succeed.

What are your hobbies?

Playing music, graphic designing and computing