If You Stop Drinking can it Improve Your Skin?

If You Stop Drinking can it Improve Your Skin?

Many people wonder if their skin will improve if they stop drinking alcohol. Depending on how much you drink, then this might be something to look into. Anyone who is drinking to excess should certainly consider stopping or getting some help for their problem, because alcoholism definitely makes people age faster and in particular this can have a noticeable effect on the skin.

There are other reasons to stop drinking if you value the appearance of your skin. For example, chronic liver disease can eventually lead to a nasty yellowing of the skin as the liver slowly starts to fail over time. And any chronic alcoholic is simply going to age faster and have more wrinkles and facial blemishes than those who do not drink. In addition to this, alcoholics tend to have a much higher rate of smoking among them, so you can also factor in the skin damage and the added aging factor from smoking cigarettes as well. Combine the drinking and the smoking together, and you have a lifestyle that damages and ages the body in a very fast manner.

The solution of course is to stop drinking before you start to experience these types of consequences. A person can get help with this in a number of different ways, but the most traditional way is to attend an alcohol treatment center or drug rehab. If this is not an option, then a person might do well to simply attend a few AA meetings and see if they can get some help for their problem there.

The key to overcoming addiction in the long run has to do with personal growth and holistic health, both of which have the potential to slow the aging process and give your skin a new chance to shine again. All things can be restored in recovery if you are willing to make a major change in your life.