Healthy Life Insurance Blog - Part 6

Healthy Life Insurance Blog - Part 6

Life Industry Professional Joseph W. Jordan''s Book, "Living a Life of Significance" a Success

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Since its debut seven weeks ago, about 6,000 copies of the book by Joseph W. Jordan ‘s, living a life of meaning, have been distributed to financial professionals across the country. The text was originally presented at the Summit of Knowledge The American College of Las Vegas on June 10, 2011.

Nick Murray, editor of the monthly newsletter called the book interactive, “beautiful and critical” in its July 2011 newsletter. “Living a life of meaning is essential reading for your practice and your soul,” said Murray.  Based on more than 30 years of personal experience, Jordan shares her own journey as a U.S. financial services leader with readers. Living a meaningful life focuses on the experiences of the author’s life and his passion for helping others achieve financial security.

Jordan began his career with family life in 1974 and was named “Rookie of the Year.” The following year he became a member of the Round Table Million Dollar (MDRT). Between 1981-1988, Jordan ran insurance sales at Paine Webber. He joined MetLife in 1988 to manage the annuity and later life, sales and product development.

Jordan is a recognized leader in the financial industry and speaker whose presentations focus on behavioral finance, tools, customer-focused, selling ethics and customer focus. Currently, Jordan is responsible for the behavior of MetLife Financial Strategies unit.

This is the first book written for the press at the American College by an outside industry professional members of the institution’s own faculty. American College President and CEO, Larry Barton said: “The response and demand for this book has been positive and exciting We are proud to publish and promote a book of such importance to the industry ..”. All proceeds from book sales will go to the American university.

The American College is the nation’s largest nonprofit educational institution dedicated to financial services. At the highest level of academic accreditation, the College has served as a valuable business partner to banks, brokerages, insurance companies and others for more than 84 years. The American College faculty represents some of the major thought leaders in the financial services industry. For more information, visit

Both sales of fixed and variable annuities through banks in

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Windsor, CT, August 10, 2011 – Sales of fixed and variable annuities through financial institutions behaved strangely with an unusual summer, both to increase sales in June 2011, according to Kehrer-LIMRA with pension Bank’s monthly survey of sales.

“June is traditionally the flag for the sale of annuities in the bank channel,” said Janet Cappelletti, Associate Director of Kehrer-LIMRA Research. “This is the first time we’ve seen a growth in sales of fixed and variable annuities in the month of June since 2006.”

After two months of declines, annuities are sold through financial institutions surged in June to $ 3.7 billion, an increase of 7 percent. Since the beginning of the year, total sales of annuities in banks have increased by 48 percent. Compared with June last year, sales are 31 percent more. (Figure 1).

Variable annuities have particularly stellar one month, reaching $ 2.1 billion – the highest since November 2007. VA sales through financial institutions have jumped 69 percent since early 2011 and were 52 percent more than in June 2010.

“Sales of VA have been in a slow and steady upward trajectory over the past 18 months,” said Cappelletti. “Although there have been short-term peaks and valleys in the long term the bank sold VAs have been successful.”

Fixed annuity sales rose nearly 3 percent in June after two months of double-digit declines. Although the rate of monthly growth was anemic, year to date fixed sales rose 28 percent. Year to year comparison was also favorable, registering an increase of 12 percent.

Sales rose despite a further deterioration in the average effective yield of the five products in June, according to Kehrer-LIMRA Annuity RateWatcher fixed. The spread between the yield of CDs of five years and the average yield offered by fixed annuities guaranteed for five years fell 13 basis points in May to the refusal of 9 basis points in June. This is the first time the differential rate has been negative since September 2010.

Mutual funds enjoyed a surge in June after several months of declines interspersed with stagnant growth. The Bank sold mutual funds totaled $ 4.8 billion, a level not seen in seven months. For the month, mutual funds rose 42 percent year on year but declined 5 percent. Since January, sales of mutual funds have only increased by 10 percent, a figure that pales in comparison to the growth achieved by annuities.

Kehrer-LIMRA is the leading provider of research services and consulting shops banks and financial services. Kehrer-LIMRA The monthly pension of Sales Bank study is based on a national sample of banks with a minimum of $ 4 billion in assets. The participating institutions represent about one third of all sales of annuities at the bank.

Massachusetts health reform Increasing access to care, especially among disadvantaged

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Recent research at Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health may have strong implications for the debate controversial report today about national health reform.

In a study published in the July issue of American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the Harvard research team, led by first author Aakanksha Pande, a doctoral student in the Department of Population Medicine at HMS and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, found that the Massachusetts health reform has actually increased access to health care and reducing disparities. Massachusetts health reform is structurally similar to the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the federal law signed by President Obama last year.

“As the political rhetoric heats up before another presidential election cycle,” said lead author Joshua Salomon, associate professor of international health at HSPH, “it is important to understand what the Massachusetts experience tells us about the effects of health reform on access and affordability of care. ”

The researchers found that three years after it was enacted in 2006, Massachusetts health reform was associated with a 7.6 percent increase in health insurance among residents, a 4.8 percent decrease in care resign due to health costs, and 6.6 percent increase in residents who have a primary care physician. They also found that these improvements were most evident among socioeconomically disadvantaged groups.

Does Massachusetts health reform provide a good indicator of the national reform? “Yes and no,” said Pande. The terms of each act are similar, including the provision of a health mandate that requires all residents to obtain health insurance. However, the Massachusetts health reform was passed with little opposition in the state legislature, while the PPACA has complied with the statement. For this reason, the implementation of health reform at national level could be more difficult.


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What are the contractual terms of a contract the policy term life insurance?

These term life insurance contract general provisions are general in nature and may vary by insurance company and / or by presenting the policy.

The application is reflected in the copy attached to this policy in question or  delivery. Any additional request or application for reinstatement will be evidenced  the copy sent to the owner by attachment to this policy after the approval of the Company. All statements in the application shall be deemed representations and not warranties. Not  declaration of nullity of this Policy or used in defense of a claim unless contained in a  attached application, or deemed to have been attached to this policy when issued  or delivered.  Only the President, a Vice President or the Secretary of the Company may change  or waive any provision of this Policy. Any change or waiver, which must be in writing.

Anniversaries politics, politics of years, months, politics, and premium due dates are measured from the date of the policy. The first policy year begins on the date of the policy. The years following the policy starting on the same date each year thereafter. A policy anniversary occurs at the beginning of each policy year after the first policy year. If this policy is retroactive to the date of the policy is no more than six months before the date of the original application.PROPERTY

The owner of this policy is shown in the insurance policy unless changed later. During the life of the insured, only the owner can exercise all the rights and agree with us regarding changes in policy. If the insured is the owner and the owner dies, then insurance will become the owner. All rights of the owner are subject to the rights of any person whatsoever and any irrevocable beneficiary designation in our records.

This policy may be assigned. We are not responsible for the validity of an assignment. We are not responsible for the payments made or action taken prior written notice of any assignment is received by us. Payments to any transferee shall be made in one payment.

The owner and beneficiary designations are as shown in the application or a change notice has been received at the administrative office in a form acceptable to the company. The contingent owner designation is as shown in the application that subsequently selected by the owner a written notice received by the administrative office in a form acceptable to the company. If the insured becomes the owner, contingent owner designation is void.

The owner has all rights set forth in this Policy. The owner may amend this policy during the life of the insured with the consent of the Company. The rights of the owner are subject to the rights of an irrevocable beneficiary. If the owner is none other than the insured and the owner dies during the life of the insured, all proprietary rights vest in the contingent owner, if living or in existence, and the

Contingent owner becomes the owner. If the owner is alive contingent on the existence or not of the owner’s death, vests all ownership rights in the assets of the owner or his successors. A beneficiary’s interest terminates if the beneficiary dies or ceases to exist before the insured dies. If no beneficiary survives or is in existence at the death of the insured, payment will be made to the landlord or property owner or his successors.

The owner can change the names of owner, contingent, and the beneficiary during the life of the insured. Any changes are subject to the approval of an irrevocable beneficiary.

If the designation of owner changes, all existing designations revocable beneficiary designation and any other contingent owner is automatically deleted, however, any current description of the irrevocable beneficiary will be revoked only with the consent of the beneficiary.

Written notification of the change of ownership, owner of the quota, and recipients must be received at the administrative office, a form acceptable to the company. The new designation will take effect from the date the owner signed the notice. This change does not affect any payment made or other measures adopted by the Company prior to receipt of notification.

The Company is not responsible for the validity or effect of any assignment of this policy of life insurance. It will not be bind the company until it receives the administrative office.

If the insured’s age or sex is distorted, the Company will adjust the gains to the amount of premiums paid were acquired on the basis of correct information.

If the insured, while sane or insane, dies by suicide within two years after the date of publication in the Program, the death benefits in this policy shall be an amount equal to the premiums paid less than the loan balance from the date of death.

With respect to statements made in the application, this policy is not moot after it has been in effect during the life of the insured for a period of two years from the date of issue on the list. With regard to statements in an application for reinstatement, the policy is not moot after it has been in effect during the life of the insured for a period of two years from the date of reinstatement. This provision does not apply to any driver that provide additional benefits.

Winnings are paid out of the administrative office.

This life insurance policy must be returned to the Company.

Unless a payment option is chosen, the product will be paid in one sum.

Revenues to pay for the death of the insured shall:

• the amount of insurance in force at the date of death of the insured

• any premium required to keep the policy in force until the end of the month of death of politics

• The balance of loans from the date of death.

The portion of the premium paid for the period after the end of the month politics of death will be paid in addition to death benefits.

This policy of not participating in any distribution of surplus. No dividends are paid.

Deferred Variable Annuity – Flex future income

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A variable deferred annuity is a contract with a life insurance company that offers a way to save to defer taxes until you begin withdrawing your money. Variable deferred annuity is called State Farm Flex future income.

The contract is set to contribute money (by paying premiums) at various intervals over several years. The premiums you pay go to the election of the underlying stock and bond investment funds (called subaccounts) and a fixed account. Your rate of return – and therefore the equity premium – depends on the results of the underlying accounts you choose.

The insurance company will convert the accumulated value of the premium payments you have made a series of payments made over time. You can choose from a variety of payment options, including a lump sum or the option to receive guaranteed income for life1.

Earnings on a deferred annuity to the variables are not subject to federal income tax until you withdraw your money. This allows the account value of the annuity to grow potentially greater than if the earnings are taxed each year. It also means you can spread your tax liability during the term of your income payments. You can also move money between funds without tax implications underlying federal law.

The Advantage program allows you to explore interesting opportunities in the stock and bond markets, without making much of their retirement savings at a time.

Note that the future income State Farm Flex is offered only in the United States except Massachusetts and Rhode Island. This website should not be construed as an offer to sell the State Farm Flex future revenue in any jurisdiction.

For more detailed information about this policy, including fees and expenses, see the online brochure, or ask your State Farm ® agent registered representative a free brochure. Read the prospectus carefully before investing or sending money. Contact your State Farm agent registered representative for more information on coverage, costs, restrictions and renewability.

Based on the ability of claims-paying State Farm company issuing life insurance.

A 10 percent tax penalty may apply for withdrawals before 59 1 / 2.

Delivery charge may be deducted 3A from a policy of retreat or surrender made during the years of the policy of the first seven. The delivery charge is 7% in the first policy year and decreased 1% in each subsequent year until reaching policy 0% in the eighth policy year.

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