Chili Can Lose Weight

Chili Can Lose Weight

There are many problems related to health which may occur in one person. Lymphedema is one of the diseases which cause many problems in human. Lymphedema is also known as lymphatic obstruction. This is a condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. This is serious disease which can disturb fluid circulation in whole body especially in tissues. The lymphatic system returns the interstitial fluid to the thoracic duct and then to the bloodstream, where it is re-circulated back to the tissues. According to many physicians, tissues with this problem are at risk of infection. People with this problem should be careful in choosing clothes and anything related because bad clothes with too many pressures will cause the diseases becomes worse. You should make good prevention by choosing lymphedema garments, garment products which More »

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Many people especially women like to lose weight because they want to have slim body that will be more attractive for the opposite. Despite use special slimming or treatment for diet you can consume chili. How it is possible for us to lose weight from chili? Consumption of chili can help you lose weight. Therefore, the material contained in chili help increase metabolism and burn fat. That’s the findings of researchers from the University of California.

The researchers claim, the heat generated oxide layers spicy foods can burn fat and increase metabolism. Because, there are materials capsaicin in hot peppers. Chemicals classified material is natural vegetable. Material was used as a defense system by the chili itself so no predator could eat them. Basically, when someone is eating chili, the body will react. When the body heat rises, the body’s thermogenic process will apply. This process will burn fat automatically. Research conducted on 34 men and women who were given low-calorie foods. They are also given food spicy and not spicy from the chili and the placebo. They found that participant’s level of energy expenditure that eating spicy food is higher. In fact, the levels almost doubled the group who consumed a placebo. So, chili is not only as ingredient to make your delicious food because chili can lose your weight.

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Learning Chiari from CSI: Las Vegas Season 10

Yesterday I watched CSI: Las Vegas season 10 which gave me special episode that has correlation with unique diseases or malfunction which I have not heard before. What is the malfunction called? It is called as Chiari malfunction or in the long description we can call this malfunction as Arnold-Chiari malformation. What is the malfunction means? It is a malformation of the brain, the center of neural system so it is very important to prevent any damage that could harm our brain. This malfunction consists of a downward displacement of the cerebellar tonsils through the foramen magnum, sometimes causing hydrocephalus, head filled with too much liquid such as water, as a result of obstruction of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) outflow. The cerebrospinal fluid outflow is caused by phase difference in outflow and influx of blood in the vascular of the brain. It is serious disease because it can cause many symptoms. This malfunction can cause headaches, fatigue, muscle weakness in the head and face, difficulty swallowing, dizziness, nausea, impaired coordination, and, in severe cases, paralysis. In the movie I have watched, the victim is suddenly dead with too much liquid inside because he got dislocation in the neck after the race. After watching that movie I have got new information about this chiari malfunction so watching movie is not only for fun, in case of this, I can learn about new thing. How about you?