Business Health Services Named Baltimore SmartCEO Future 50 Winner for Third Straight Year - Articles & News About Health

Business Health Services Named Baltimore SmartCEO Future 50 Winner for Third Straight Year - Articles & News About Health

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Business Health Services Named Baltimore SmartCEO Future 50 Winner for Third Straight Year

(PRWEB) February 6, 2008 -- For the third year in a row, Baltimore SmartCEO magazine and Hartman Business Technology selected Business Health Services as one of the Future 50 winners.

The Future 50 program identifies the 50 fastest growing companies in the Greater Baltimore area based on employee and revenue growth. This year?s Future 50 winners collectively employ 5,500 people and have brought in more than $2 billion in revenues.

Business Health Services (BHS) is a Workplace Wellness and Behavioral Risk Management Provider. With over 20 years experience, BHS specializes in delivering workplace wellness, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), work-life balance and organizational development solutions to organizations nationwide. BHS partners with its client organizations to identify their unique workplace risks and develop customized solutions to minimize those risks, improve workplace productivity and generate a measurable Return on Investment.

Dawn Motovidlak, President/CEO of Business Health Services, obtained her role by purchasing BHS in 1999. Since then, Ms. Motovidlak has acquired two major competitors and has grown the company over 800%. Ms. Motovidlak understands the importance of growth and how to achieve it, ?Growth has meant responsibly building our client base both organically and through acquisition as well as creating new service offerings while maintaining our commitment to high quality, customized services. We have been able to get to this point by continuously assessing and adjusting our infrastructure to ensure we are prepared and by putting the right people in the right positions.?

The common theme among many of the Future 50 CEOs is how key professional mentors have played a role in their current successes. ?The Future 50 program is about celebrating growth, which cannot be done without the help and support of others. Whether it is a parent, business partner or previous employer, we see the value and impact these individuals have and feel privileged to be part of the celebration of how far these CEOs and their companies have come,? says SmartCEO Publisher Craig Burris.

Ms. Motovidlak appreciates the support she receives from her professional mentor, ?I purchased a business from Reed Morrison. That business was the foundation for what Business Health Services is today. Not only did Reed give me an extraordinary opportunity, he gave me the courage and support I needed to take over his business at the young age of 27. There were times when I questioned my abilities and Reed was always there supporting me and telling me that I could do this.?

Winners will be recognized at the Baltimore SmartCEO Future 50 event, scheduled for Jan. 24, 2008, at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront hotel. Serving as keynote speaker for this year?s event is former Baltimore Colts player, Tom Matee. Matee played for the Colts for 12 years and played in two Super Bowls, earning a ring at Super Bowl V when the Colts beat the Dallas Cowboys. To support Matee?s organization, 4th and Goal, a silent auction will be held at the event.

Baltimore SmartCEO magazine is a regional ?growing company? publication aimed at providing resources each month to help educate, motivate and inspire Baltimore?s decision-makers. The publication?s readers range from younger, dynamic companies, to established multi-generational, family-owned firms.

This press release has been reprinted from PRWEB per the terms and conditions of the copyright notice.

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